Holding Magnets and Pot Magnets Series 3B

1. Holding magnets and magnetic pots series 3B

 Holding magnets and pot magntets:   Different Holding Magnets, such as Square, Disc and Ring Holding Magnets, Hard Ferrite (Ceramic), Alnico.NdFeB and Smco assemblies are specified for many applications to all industries and engineering. These magnets are made by setting fettite, Alnico. NdFeB and Smco magnet in steel parts (and/or some non-ferrite magnetic insulate materials, such as Brass and Aluminum), and are avaiable in many different forms and shapes, which are finished in white, black, gray, Nickel or Zinc coating, or rubber covered. A holding magnet has a particular magnetic circuit that can concentrate or insulate magnetic power at a targer space around the magnetic assembly.   
Pot Magnets (Mounting Magnets) are often used as tools for various activities in workshops and in industry. They can be used for holding workpieces whilst welding, cutting, milling or drilling etc. Because of the lack of moving parts and the robust construction of pot magnets, the life is unlimited and no maintenance is required. Just keeping the pole surface clean guarantee reliable operation and a long life.




Item model                              POT        dimensions in mm Magnet Coating Pull force (N)
Material   ØA    B C
POTN03B-06 Fe37 6 6 M3 NdFeB Cr 10
POTN03B-08 Fe37 8 6 M3 NdFeB Cr 20
POTN03B-10 Fe37 10 18 M4 NdFeB Cr 35
POTN03B-12 Fe37 12 8 M4 NdFeB Cr 35
POTN03B-15 Fe37 15 18 M5 NdFeB Cr 80
POTN03B-19 Fe37 19 8 M4 NdFeB Cr 120
POTN03B-20 Fe37 20 18 M6 NdFeB Cr 120
POTN03B-29 Fe37 29 10 M8 NdFeB Cr 350


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