Educational Magnets

Educational Magnets

Educational Magnets can be divided into two groups, Alnico Educational Magnets & Ferrite Educational Magnets. It is usually have bar shaped and U-shaped. Educational magnets are widely used in teaching and children’s toy.

Educational Magnets not only can make children know the nature and change of magnetic field, but also can show the physical character of magnet.

Educational Magnets are usually covered with red and Blue painting, also marked clear North & South Poles.

Block Educational Magnets

Block Educational Magnets

No Model Material Size & Specification
1 EF400909 Ferrite Y10T F40 x 9 x 9mm
2 EF501410 Ferrite Y10T F50 x 14 x 10mm
3 EF501604 Ferrite Y10T F50 x 16 x 4mm
4 EF601545 Ferrite Y10T F60 x 15 x 4.5mm
5 EF751865 Ferrite Y10T F75 x 18 x6.5mm
6 EF102065 Ferrite Y10T F100x 20 x 6.5mm
7 EF100207 Ferrite Y10T F100 x 20 x 7mm
8 EF112210 Ferrite Y10T F110 x 22 x10mm
9 EF122210 Ferrite Y10T F120 x 22 x 10mm
10 EF130248 Ferrite Y10T F130 x 24 x 8mm
11 EF150189 Ferrite Y10T F150 x 18 x 9mm
12 EF172010 Ferrite Y10T F170 x 20 x10mm


U-Shaped Educational Magnets



U-Shaped Educational Magnets


No Model Material Size & Specification
1 EU3030 Ferrite Y10T U30 x 30 x 8 x 7mm
2 EU4238 Ferrite Y10T U42 x 38 x 8 x 7mm
3 EU4842 Ferrite Y10T U48 x 42 x 11 x 8mm
4 EU6152 Ferrite Y10T U61 x 52 x 12 x 9mm
5 EU6754 Ferrite Y10T U67 x 54 x 14 x 12mm
6 EU7050 Ferrite Y10T U70 x 50 x 12 x 12mm
7 EU7058 Ferrite Y10T U70 x 58 x 15 x 11mm
8 EU70585 Ferrite Y10T U70 x 58 x 15 x 5mm
9 EU8062 Ferrite Y10T U80 x 62 x 10 x 20mm
10 EU8090 Ferrite Y10T U80 x 90 x 20 x 8mm
11 EU9563 Ferrite Y10T U95 x 63 x 10 x 17mm
12 EU10686 Ferrite Y10T U106 x 86 x 20 x 33mm


Special Shape Educational Magnets

No Model Material Size & Specification
1 ES1001 Ferrite Y10T Star Shape
2 ES1002 Ferrite Y10T Triangles Shape
3 ES1003 Ferrite Y10T Heart Shape
4 ES1004 Ferrite Y10T Block Shape
5 ES1005 Ferrite Y10T Arrow Shape
6 ES1006 Ferrite Y10T Ring Shape

   Educational Magnets

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