How to make NdFeB Magnet?

NdFeB magnet material for its superior performance, rich in raw materials at lower prices, is to be developed rapidly and widely quoted. Mainly used in the field of electro-acoustic devices, instrument industry, the automobile industry, petrochemicals, nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic therapy and health care. Its use diagram is very extensive, close contact to our daily lives together.
NdFeB magnet popular speakers called magnet (some people call it a magnet) is a magnetic material that will not cut magnetic at room temperature it is also known as permanent magnets. It is mainly the production process:
Ingredients – melting formulation – milling – Pressed – sintering temper – magnetic detection – grinding – cutting – electroplating – finished
What we are doing is cutting the finished products – electroplating –
Our process can be broken down as follows: picking – sticky material – cutting – black patch test – boiled material – Rewind – Polishing – Plating – white patch test – finished
Picking is actually a system of single orders.
Sticky material of the collar down the material by a certain shape, with 502 glue to glue it together, in order to facilitate processing.
The next step is to cut: cutting is done by our inner circle slicer. The rough material processing can be roughly divided into three types:
A cylindrical: diameter of 2-100 mm, thickness 0.5 mm or more can be processed, and the circular magnet processing is also more convenient, it can be a one-time cut, so do orders to use round magnets, this The magnet of the biggest advantages is the processing speed, short delivery times. The disadvantage is that the price is generally not high, low profits.
Two square magnets: maximum can be processed 63 * 63 * 34; if there are any larger than this specification, by the buyer asked to materials manufacturers, quotes. Square magnet processing is slower, because of its six sides are cut, a product requires processing three times in order to succeed, compared to the magnet round more than two processes. Moreover, the bonding workshop did not cylindrical so good adhesion. Square magnet processing is slow and long delivery times and became its shortcomings, but its profits, but also became its advantages.
Punch three products: the product is not processed before the rough material in advance to play a hole under and then during the processing. Box about processing some work along the perforated, then the cutting is too much trouble. Punch product referenced in the market a very wide range, the former environment is also very optimistic. Addition, we also can process a number of special products, such as the trapezoidal, the size of the empty-shaped magnet.
Black patch test slices processed in the workshop out of semi-finished products pass inspection, generally do not have the special requirements of the wafer thickness in 0.07mm ± 0.05mm square.
The essence of boiled material is the product of mutual bond 502 glue with hot water to boil in order to facilitate rewinding and polishing.
Rewinding in advance to check the number of number of shipments for immediate Liaoning solution
Polishing (also called chamfering) electroplating a work along the product around the corner grinding to a certain degree according to customer requirements, make it more smooth surface in order to improve the appearance of product quality.
The plating is very important to the appearance of the product and the preservation of the length of time a work along its surface treatment of zinc, nickel, copper, chromium, gold, black zinc, epoxy resin. Plating of the surface is not the same as its color is not the time saved is not the same, has its own advantages and disadvantages.
1) Zinc: the surface appears to be silver-white, can do 12-48 hours of salt spray, use some glue bonding (AB Glue), such as the electroplating good words can be stored for two to five years, and its advantage is price comparison low.
2) Nickel: seemingly stainless steel color, set to stay in the air surface is difficult to be oxidized, and looks good, good gloss, plating 12 – 72 hours salt spray test. Its shortcomings can not be some glue adhesive to use, it would be coating off. Accelerate the oxidation, on the market today such as nickel – copper – nickel plating 120 – 200 hours salt spray, but the plating costs relatively high.
3) Copper: more than in the metal industry, NdFeB industry rarely used, the appearance of yellow.
4) Chromium: chromium plating industry is relatively rare, its plating high cost, a company can not accept. However, its ability to put the rot is very strong, it is difficult with other substances to react. Mainly used in the pH strong domestic prices are relatively low, so very few people selected.
5) zinc: according to customer requirements of its products, surface treatment black in the plating process on the basis of the galvanized adding a layer of black protective film by chemical treatment, the membrane may also play a protection products do , an increase of the salt spray time, extend the oxidation time. But its surface that is, easily scratched, losing its protective effect. Now used is very small, mostly resin instead. Here we described.
6) Gold: The industry is now very popular, we took to the streets to see some stalls yellow gold jewelry, most of the gold, or copper. The gold-plated so that looks like gold, very beautiful product appearance, generally used for the jewelry industry, our products can also be gold-plated for magnetic jewelry.
7) epoxy resin: nickel plated and then add a layer of resin paint on the outside, this industry for nearly two years, no market, its development is fast, with a variety of electroplating products, many people, the largest can do the color you want.


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